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Human Resources Associate



Explain the benefits of equipment and policies to company employees.

What does a Human Resources Associate do?

A business resembles a living, breathing organism made up of different departments all working together to keep the business alive and thriving. With such diversity in the staff working for a company, it often needs someone to step in and make sure everyone gets along. The Human Resources Associate steps up to the plate to fill such a big role.

Whether you’re a Human Resources Associate working at the company or for an independent company that offers human resource services to businesses in need, you get a feel for what makes people tick and lay out a plan to improve employee satisfaction. Perhaps the workers feel unhappy because the old computer systems are slow and hard to use. As a Human Resources Associate, you explain to management how new computer systems will save money and improve the staffs’ mood in the long run. When the software comes in, you offer free training to teach employees the ropes.

Envision yourself as the glue holding all the different departments together. Managers have little time to deal with employee problems, while employees work like busy bees to get their jobs done and become frustrated if another person falls behind. You work between the two, making sure problems don’t slip through the cracks. You field complaints, create solutions to keep employees happy, and suggest to management new ways to ensure all the different parts of the organization work together. This helps the organization foster a better and more productive work environment.

Your role is ever evolving and will depend on the company and what projects it needs your help on.

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