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Human Relations Professor

Teach university students about human relations.

What does a Human Relations Professor do?

A Human Relations Professor has a lot of topics to cover. As a Human Relations Professor, you combine psychology, communications, research, and, of course, human relations to teach students about human development, personality differences, cultures, ethics, and counseling. You teach all of these topics with social psychology as your base.

Because your field as a Human Relations Professor is so broad and the courses of study range so widely, your students can take their knowledge with them into just about any professional arena. For example, they may get jobs in human resource management, analyzing and interceding in their employees’ relations. Or, they may go into careers in social work, recruitment, psychotherapy, and more.

The subjects you teach include statistics, counseling techniques, research methods, social and abnormal psychology, and human growth and development. It’s also common for Professors in your field to teach philosophy as the foundation of human relations, shedding light not just on the how, but also on the why of human relations. In addition, there’s a great emphasis placed on culture, and interactions between cultures and societies.

Human relations is an art as well as a science, and it is practiced through the use of methodical knowledge about human behavior. As a bonus, being the resident Human Relations Professor at the university makes those faculty meetings so much more interesting. It’s just one more place for you to sit and analyze human interactions.