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Hull Inspector

Inspect construction of hulls, compartments, tanks, and decks of ships.

What does a Hull Inspector do?

Inspects construction of hulls, compartments, tanks, and decks of ships for conformance to plans and specifications: Examines hulls, hull fittings, and riveting for defects, and alignment of plating and framing. Inspects painted surfaces and caulked edges and seams. Observes testing of tanks, decks, and compartments for strength of material and watertightness. Opens and closes doors, manhole covers, hatches, and hull valves, by hand or remote controls, to verify fit and ease of operation. Inspects heating and ventilation systems to verify size of vent ducts, and to ensure that installation meets specifications. Starts blowers, and measures volume and velocity of air in system, using measuring devices, such as meters and gauges. Inspects piping and valves of ship’s service system during pressure test for leakage and strength of material. Records inspection data. May inspect commissioned vessels, afloat or in drydock, for corrosion or deterioration in outer hull, double bottoms, sea chests, and other structural parts.