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Housing Director

Match housing with tenants.

What does a Housing Director do?

The Housing Director of any organization has a plethora of responsibilities. This position puts you in charge of finding safe, affordable housing for large groups of people, while supervising a staff, dealing with governmental agencies, creating growth plans, and setting budgets at the same time.

As a Housing Director, you can pick your work environment. On a college campus, for example, you are in charge of all student housing. That means you and your staff accept, process, and approve student housing applications. In addition, you hire office staff and House Mothers or other Supervisors.

You might also represent a particular group of people, such as migrant workers, Indians, or military personnel. Non-profit organizations and government-run programs also hire Housing Directors to manage their housing programs.

In addition to matching tenants with rentals, you also drudge through a quagmire of paperwork-applications, assistance grants, work orders, proof of finances, and regulatory policies. You also deal with maintenance issues, Lawyers, Contractors, Landlords, and property management companies.

If you’re the kind of person who likes to have a full plate at work, is organized, and enjoys interacting with a variety of personality types, then this might be the job for you. No two days are the same as you attend meetings, evaluate employee performance, fill out monetary request forms, locate apartments or houses suitable for rent, and inspect units for safety, cleanliness, accessibility, and conformance to regulations.