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Housing Coordinator



Find shelter for the homeless, or housing for employees.

What does a Housing Coordinator do?

A Housing Coordinator helps people find and secure housing. It’s a job that fulfills not only a basic human need but also a basic human right.

When you’re a Housing Coordinator, who you help and how depends on where you work. If you work in the nonprofit sector, for instance, your role is that of Case Manager, helping in-need people – for example, homeless youth, low-income families, refugees, recovering drug addicts, and domestic violence victims – find appropriate and affordable living arrangements based on their circumstances, needs, and budget. At the same time, you might also help these individuals access community resources, such as employment agencies, and develop personal skills, such as budgeting, banking, and homemaking.

On the other hand, if you work as a Housing Coordinator in the corporate sector, you’re part of the human resources team. You find temporary accommodations as well as permanent housing for new and existing employees, particularly those who are moving to your area from out of state.

Meanwhile, if you work for a housing community – a retirement community, for example – you’re job isn’t just placing residents; it’s also arranging group activities for them and processing their maintenance requests.

No matter where you work or who you serve, you’re a cross between a Real Estate Agent, a Human Resource Manager, and a Social Worker: You know about property, but you also care about people!

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