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Household Manager

Keep VIPs' homes running by scheduling trips, hiring nannies, and more.

What does a Household Manager do?

Running a major corporation or serving as Governor leaves little time for dusting and cooking supper. Household Managers fill the gaps where busy families simply can’t keep up. As a Household Manager, you oversee staff members in charge of specific areas of daily life, from the Nanny who watches the children to the Chef who prepares nutritious meals. As Captain of the household’s affairs, you run a tight ship.

The primary responsibilities of a Household Manager vary depending on the size of the household. One client may only need your help coordinating the schedules of a small cleaning crew, while another may have an entire staff devoted to upkeep. Without your organizational skills, the well-ordered routines of the staff would quickly dissolve into chaos.

In addition to managing staff members, you also keep tabs on their performance. It’s essential that you have knowledge of meal planning, childcare, and housekeeping before taking on the job. You may need to fill in when a staff member is ill, or ensure that the new Chef knows how to cook for a lactose-intolerant toddler.

Last in this pile of job titles you juggle is a strange combination of Event Planner, Travel Agent, and Secretary all rolled into one. You book hotel accommodations for business trips, arrange reservations at upscale restaurants when the family wants a night out, and help with the packing and planning for a summer getaway. With your help, no one forgets to pack sunscreen and no business meeting is ever missed.