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Dust, sweep, and vacuum to keep clients' homes sparkling clean.

What does a Housecleaner do?

Maybe you hate to step on crumbs in bare feet or maybe your mom made you scrub grout when you misbehaved as a child. Whatever the reason, you love it when things are clean. This trait is perfect for this job. As a Housecleaner, you spend your days getting things in sparkly tip-top shape for others.

There are a few different ways you can work as a Housecleaner. You might be employed by a cleaning service that handles all the marketing and customer service responsibilities that go with the job, or you might work on your own.

When you work on your own, being a Housecleaner is only half the job; the other half is being the CEO of your business. You need to do the cleaning, and on top of that, you have to find clients, arrange appointment times, and buy your own supplies. Though it entails more work than being an employee of a cleaning service, it lets you have full control over how much and when you work.

No matter who signs your paychecks, the job of a Housecleaner is to clean up a client’s house. Your first appointment with a new client starts with a walk-through of the house. During this walk-through, they orient you with the house and let you know any extra information you might need. This can be anything like which rooms they don’t want cleaned or where they keep the cleaning products.

After your initial walk-through, you get to work dusting, sweeping, and mopping. For the most part, you won’t pick up toys or do laundry unless they agree to a special arrangement.

Like a Shop Estimator, you decide on the price of your services before you start. During your initial walk-through, you determine how long it would take to clean the house, and then you apply your hourly rate to that estimate.