House Repairer

Repair and remodel houses according to blueprints or oral instructions.

What does a House Repairer do?

Repairs and remodels houses and small buildings, according to blueprints or oral instructions: Measures distances and marks reference points on existing structure to lay out work. Removes defective members, existing siding, sheathing, and trim, using pinch bar, portable power saw, hammer, and other carpenter’s handtools. Cuts lumber to size and shape, using hand or portable power saw. Nails and screws new framework, sheathing, and trim in place. Fills cracks and other defects in plaster or plasterboard with patching plaster, using trowel. Sands plaster patch after drying to match existing surface. Paints interior and exterior surfaces to specified color and texture. Replaces or installs new electrical fixtures, plumbing hardware, and brickwork, using pliers, screwdrivers, wrenches, and trowel.