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House Painter

Apply various hues of color to spruce up the outside of homes.

What does a House Painter do?

Some people just love to paint-not the blank canvas on easel or even one wall of the bedroom, but the entire outside of the house. If you’re one of those people who love working outdoors, taking on the challenge of balancing on a 16-foot ladder, and wearing Painter ‘s coveralls, then a job as a House Painter might be for you.

The job of a House Painter starts with an estimate. If you’re the boss or Manager as well as the House Painter, you might be the one to meet with the customer, ask questions, and formulate a picture of what they want. With that information, you work up a cost bid for supplies and labor. Once the bid is approved, you order the required amount of paint, restock your rollers, brushes, buckets, cleaners, air hoses, and masks, and head out to the job site.

Each job is a little different. Some houses are three stories while others sprawl across one. One roof might have a steep grade while another is completely flat.

With a game plan in mind, you dig out the ladder and get to work sanding, puttying, pressure washing, and prepping the exterior of the home for paint. You remove existing flaking paint chips, sand down rough spots, and patch holes.

You cover areas you don’t want to paint, and then it’s time to play with the power tools. You draw your paint gun and spray exposed walls. You check for consistency and quality, and paint all the trim. Then with the customer’s satisfied grin, you pack up your gear and move on to the next job.