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House Mover

Lift, place and secure entire homes onto massive trucks for transport.

What does a House Mover do?

Have you ever moved from one house to another? If you have, then you know that packing boxes, securing breakables, and lifting heavy objects are just a few of the fun things it entails. Want to try something that’s even more exciting? Then put on a back brace, wear some gloves, and back up the flatbed truck. When you’re a House Mover, instead of moving the contents of the house, your job is to move the entire house itself!

As you can imagine, this is no easy process. Working as a House Mover involves the consideration of dozens of details, as well as careful scheduling. A Structural Specialist comes in to look for rotten floors, cracked windows, or anything else that might affect your ability to move it. Then the electrical and plumbing teams move in to disconnect the house. Then comes the turn of the House Mover. You lift the house, place supports, maneuver it onto the truck, secure it, slowly haul it to the new location, and repeat the process in reverse.

One thing about this job is that no two projects are exactly alike. Some houses are two stories, other are 4,000 square feet. One job might require cutting the house into sections and piecing it back together following its journey. Other houses have unique features such as built in aquariums, massive, floor-to-ceiling glass windows, or a sunroom added on to one side. You accept the challenges, and tackle them one at a time to get the project done on time and within budget.