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Hotel Services Sales Representative

Contact representatives to solicit business for hotel, motel, or resort.

What does a Hotel Services Sales Representative do?

Contacts representatives of government, business, associations, and social groups to solicit business for hotel, motel, or resort: Reviews information on sales meetings, conventions, training classes, overnight travel, and other functions held by organization members to select prospective customers for hotel services. Calls on prospects to solicit business, analyzes requirements of function, outlines available hotel facilities and services offered, and quotes prices. Verifies reservations by letter, or draws up contract and obtains signatures. Confers with customer and hotel department heads to plan function details, such as space requirements, publicity, time schedule, food service, and decorations. May serve as convention advisor or coordinator during function to minimize confusion and resolve problems, such as space adjustment and need for additional equipment. May select and release hotel publicity. May prepare and mail advance brochures to prospective customers.