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Hotel Reservation Agent



Make reservations, assign conference rooms and manage hotel paperwork.

What does a Hotel Reservation Agent do?

Gone are the days of long treks between towns and camping along the roadside. Thankfully, the idea of hotels came about, and today’s travelers can enjoy mosquito-free accommodations with running water and color TV. Whatever the guests’ reasons for traveling-business, pleasure, or spontaneous cross-country trips-the Hotel Reservation Agent is the person to see after a hard day’s journey. As a Hotel Reservation Agent, you answer customers’ questions, schedule room reservations, and fill out all the necessary paperwork for each client.

Though your job as a Hotel Reservation Agent takes place in a hotel, you won’t find yourself working at some boring old building. Casinos, theme park resorts, and other attractions all need Hotel Reservation Agents to book customers. One job could find you at Disney World while another might be set against the backdrop of the Grand Canyon.

The majority of your workday is spent answering the phone to schedule reservations in advance. You take the customer’s information, assign them a room, and collect payment details for processing. Scheduling each person in the computer ensures that a room is never double-booked.

A friendly personality and a willingness to help customers are necessary to keep guests satisfied. You make sure keys are ready, rooms are clean, and paperwork is already filed when they arrive. Your hotel is their home away from home, and you meet their needs before they even realize what those needs are.

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