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Hotel Porter



Run errands for hotel guests.

What does a Hotel Porter do?

If you’ve ever been to a bustling hotel, you’ve probably noticed a variety of staff in and around the doorway. In larger hotels, there might be a Bellhop, a Concierge, front desk staff, a Doorman, and a Porter. In smaller hotels, there might just be the Hotel Porter performing the tasks of all those positions.

Excellent service is the number one priority of every hotel, big or small. As a Hotel Porter, you’re tasked with keeping the guests happy all the time.

You hold the door open for arriving guests, and answer any questions they might have about the hotel or the surrounding city. Once they’ve checked in, you deliver their suitcases to the room, and you explain the room’s features. It’s customary to receive a tip, so you are as helpful as possible while promoting the hotel’s gym, pool, or convention room facilities.

Guests may have special requests for you to fill, such as having an item dry cleaned or acquiring tickets to the theater in town. You gladly handle these requests, make dinner reservations, call maintenance or housekeeping staff, make transportation arrangements, and do anything else the guests desire.

A Hotel Porter job keeps you hopping. As soon as you get one guest settled in, another arrives. You’re constantly showered with requests and, of course, each guest wants it done now. So you prioritize, share a warm smile, embrace the challenge, and forge through the day while doing your best to keep the guests happy, and returning.

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