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Hotel Manager



Keep workers on task and guests satisfied at a hotel.

What does a Hotel Manager do?

Whether running a roadside motel or a sprawling seaside resort, a hotel manager keeps guests happy and the facility profitable. As a hotel manager, you’re the gracious host and solver of all problems while watching expenses and employee attitudes.

You have an office, but chances are you won’t spend much time sitting down: Hospitality is as much an art as it is a business, and a hotel manager handles both sides. You train your employees to keep their friendly composure, plus ensure that your hotel is logistically ready to handle any crisis that pops up. Add to that helping out guests and overseeing finances, and that’s enough work to keep you on your toes.

These are big responsibilities, and you hold them in a business that operates around-the-clock. So when the front desk clerk is unable to calm an unhappy guest who insists her room is infested with bedbugs, you’ll be on the receiving end of the early morning wake-up call.

However the handling of such problems is easy for you: One of the great parts of this job is that it centers upon your ability to think on your feet and constantly exude a confident, personable manner. In fact, that’s what will pave your success in the field.

This makes hotel management a great career option if you’re a clever problem solver with a hospitable nature. Plus, many hotel managers live where they work, so you can enjoy freedom from monthly utility bills, house payments, and yard work.

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