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Hotel Inspector



Critique hotels to help them improve.

What does a Hotel Inspector do?

The hospitality industry uses ratings and rankings to classify and categorize hotels for consumers. And Hotel Inspectors are the ones giving the marks. You’re paid to analyze, assess, and ultimately “grade” lodging properties — including hotels, motels, resorts, and bed-and-breakfasts — against industry standards.

Employed by rating agencies like AAA and Michelin — which give hotels their coveted diamonds and stars — as well as hotel chains, which pay you to be a Mystery Shopper at their properties, you stay at hotels as an anonymous guest and then report your findings.

Basically, it’s your job as a Hotel Inspector to help hotels improve their status by recognizing their successes and highlighting their failures. That means you get to test out beds, order room service, eat at hotel restaurants, sample hotel spas, and put hotel staff — everyone from the Concierge to the Bellhop — through their paces. Don’t get too comfortable, though, because it also means you’ve got to take meticulous notes about everything from food quality and facilities to customer service and cleanliness, ultimately presenting a report that documents your experience, scores hotel performance, and presents recommendations for improvement.

Simply put: You’re part Critic, part professional hotel guest!

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