Hot-Room Attendant

Serve patrons in dry-heat cabinet or room or steamroom of establishment.

What does a Hot-Room Attendant do?

Serves patrons in dry-heat cabinet or room or steamroom of athletic, bathing, or other establishment: Spreads sheet or towel over seating facility in cabinet or rooms and seats patrons. Supplies drinking water and renders other services requested, such as wrapping cool towels about patron’s head, spraying body with water, or timing length of bath. Gives shower baths and furnishes towel or dries patron. Collects soiled linen and cleans bathing area and facilities, such as tubs and showers. May turn valves and switches to adjust heating equipment, regulating amount of steam or temperature. May pour water over heated rocks to prepare steamroom. May be designated according to bath facility served as Dry-Heat-Cabinet Attendant; Dry-Heat-Room Attendant; Shower Attendant; Steam-Room Attendant.