Hot Plate Plywood Press Operator

Tend hot-plate presses that bond glue-coated veneer sheets to form plywood.

What does a Hot Plate Plywood Press Operator do?

Tends hot-plate press that bonds glue-coated veneer sheets together to form plywood: Turns knobs on control panel to set temperature and pressure of press. Turns valves to release steam to heat plates. Lifts and loads veneer panels and caul boards into press, working in teamwork with LABORER, HOT-PLATE PLYWOOD PRESS. Presses button controls to bring plates of press together and subject veneer panels to temperature and pressure that glue and convert them into plywood. Cleans glue from caul boards, using scraper. May rub edges of plates with paraffin to facilitate loading and unloading. May tally number, dimensions, and core thickness of pressed panels on daily pressing report.