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Hot Mill Tin Roller

Set up and operate roughing and finishing roll trains.

What does a Hot Mill Tin Roller do?

Sets up and operates roughing and finishing roll train to reduce steel slabs to strips and sheets, using knowledge of rolling practices and steel properties: Calculates draft for each roll stand and plans rolling sequence from rolling schedule. Installs and adjusts equipment, such as rolls, guides, scale breakers, shears, and coilers, in mill train, using handtools. Observes steel passing through finish rolls for specified straightness, flatness, and finish. Observes gauges to verify specified electric load and temperature. Moves controls to adjust electric load, speed of mill, and tension between rollers to equalize mill load and obtain product of specified finish and dimensions. Inspects product for defects, using x-ray gauge. Directs crew in roll changes, removal of cobbles from rolling line, and polishing rolls.