Host and Hostess

Take reservations, warmly greet guests, and settle them at their table.

What does a Host and Hostess do?

Just like a Host and Hostess at a party, your job is to make guests feel welcome. You don’t work at home though. Instead, most Host and Hostess positions are found at restaurants or country clubs.

You can work at a high-end, sit-down restaurant offering multiple courses, or at a casual diner with Formica tables and stained menus. Either way, a Host and Hostess always need to be polite and friendly, since an unwelcoming attitude can have people turning away before they even sit down.

Your job is pretty basic: You take reservations, greet guests, show them to their seats, provide them with menus, and get drinks for them, if necessary. The biggest responsibility you have is to give great customer service and help people enjoy their dining experience.

When someone comes in to eat at the restaurant, you’re the first person they see. You ask how many there are in the group, and then you take them to a table that fits their seating needs. Aside from providing the correct number of seats, you also fill special requests, like highchairs for kids.

You make sure to evenly seat the restaurant so one Waiter’s section doesn’t get too full, leaving them overwhelmed with work and unable to give good service. This job can be tricky—you not only have to keep customers happy by granting their requests for things like “a booth by the window,” but you also need to make sure each Waiter gets a chance to earn good tips.

At the end of the meal, you may help clear the table and take payment, especially during busy periods. And you’re just as polite in seeing the guests off as you were in greeting them. You better be, because if you’ve impressed them with your great customer service skills, you might be seeing them again and again in the restaurant.