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Hospital Security Guard



Keep patients and employees safe from threats and theft.

What does a Hospital Security Guard do?

Of all the things to guard – bags of money, jewels, precious paintings – none is perhaps more important than the patients’ lives within a hospital. A Hospital Security Guard is the Police Officer of the hospital halls. As a Hospital Security Guard, you may not be issued a gun or baton, but to the patients you protect, your badge stands for safety and honor.

Hospitals are hustling and bustling places full to the brim with patients, Doctors, and visitors. With hundreds of rooms to watch over and multiple exits to patrol, the Hospital Security Guard is an eagle-eyed Surveyor of security cameras.

Sometimes, you may feel a bit like an Administrative Assistant taking records and filling out paperwork, and a big chunk of your day is spent watching and waiting. But if something seems fishy or if an alarm sounds, you’re ready to react in an instant. No other place is so full of movement, so lively, and so ripe for trouble to hit.

Preventative measures like checking fire hazards, installing security alarms, and running drills can only go so far. When a real threat hits, you have to keep calm and think of others before yourself. In the event of a fire evacuation, bomb threat, or natural disaster, you’re the one who knows how to lead everyone out of the building and away from danger.

More than likely, you’ll be dealing with smaller threats on a day-to-day basis. If a stash of supplies is stolen, you can launch an investigation, and once you find a culprit, you make a citizen’s arrest. You may also be tasked with breaking up fights, confiscating dangerous objects, or finding missing patients. If anything, there’s little chance of you having a boring day while a security badge is pinned to your chest.

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