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Hospital Porter



Move hospital patients, equipment, and more from place to place.

What does a Hospital Porter do?

A Hospital Porter is an assistant to many people. As a Hospital Porter, you are responsible for a wide variety of tasks. You will find yourself completing jobs for Doctor, Nurses, and other employees, doing things like transporting patients, cleaning work areas according to the highest sanitation standards, and operating, maintaining, repairing, and cleaning medical equipment.

You are expected to run errands at any time in your shift. Because of this, Hospital Porters need to have a lot of energy. And since you work around sick people all the time, you may sometimes have to do your part in keeping their spirits up, as well as those of their family members.

You are not required to perform any medical procedures, so most of your training actually comes on the job from other Porters. You have to be efficient and able to communicate well with the Doctors, Nurses, patients, and patients’ families. You will be used as the go-between for many situations, and have to know how to operate under varying circumstances.

Your job may be a bit dirty at times (literally, you will be asked to clean or transport trash, or even blood), but it is also extremely rewarding. You alleviate chaotic and stressful situations for your fellow employees. And the patient’s family often turns to you for comfort and the latest news regarding their loved ones.

So having a strong stomach for the dirty stuff and a soft heart for the emotional side will serve you well in this position. It may also help promote you to higher positions of maintenance or management.

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