Hospital Pharmacist

Prepare and dispense medication for hospital patients.

What does a Hospital Pharmacist do?

A Hospital Pharmacist’s job isn’t for the action junkie, the social butterfly, or the daydreaming slacker. That’s because you spend your days in a hospital, standing on your feet or sitting at your desk, mostly with prescription drugs for company.

You prepare and dispense medication for the hospital’s patients, keeping in mind possible reactions they may have to drugs (although nowadays, computer programs can do that for you). When you’re not doing this, you procure medicines for your hospital, making sure that your inventory is sufficient to meet the expected and sometimes unexpected demand. Additionally, you prepare the sterile solutions used for surgeries.

Since many medications are deemed narcotics, you follow strict regulations regarding their handling and dispensing. So you need to have high ethical standards, a steadiness of character, and an impeccable reputation. There’s an administrative aspect to this position as well. As a Hospital Pharmacist, you’re the Manager of all pharmacy staff, which include Pharmacy Technicians and interns. And as such, you need to make sure that they follow the same ethical standards that you follow. When the well-being-and even the lives-of patients are on the line, your job as a Hospital Pharmacist leaves very little room for errors.