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Hospital Manager

Oversee staff, equipment, and procedures at a hospital.

What does a Hospital Manager do?

Large companies often have many layers of Managers. Each Manager is responsible for a group of people, and the layers ascend like the tiers on a layer cake until you reach the topmost layer where the President of the organization sits.

A hospital is a place of healing, but it’s also a place of business that uses this sort of layer-cake management structure. As a Hospital Manager, you’re part of the management team, but where you sit on the cake can vary dramatically from hospital to hospital.

In some hospitals, the Hospital Manager sits very high on the management ladder, reporting directly to the hospital’s board of directors. If you’re this kind of Hospital Manager, you develop a budget for the hospital, approve the purchase of new equipment, speak to the press on behalf of the company, and handle client concerns and complaints. You may have several Department Heads reporting directly to you, and you perform annual evaluations of those employees. You may be one of only a few people in the hospital who don’t wear scrubs or a white coat, but you don’t flaunt your fashion freedom.

In other hospitals, you’re a bit lower on the ladder, supervising only one department. You may supervise the cardiovascular department, for example, or the nursing department. Your duties include interviewing job applicants, pairing new hires with senior staff, performing annual evaluations of your employees, and reprimanding employees who aren’t performing well. You may also ask senior management for new equipment or more employees, writing detailed letters explaining why those expenses are worth the additional cost.