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Hospital Director



Work to achieve both the healthcare and business goals of a hospital.

What does a Hospital Director do?

Hospitals have one main goal: to help people recover from illnesses or injuries. Hospital shareholders often have a very different goal: to keep costs low and profits high. A Hospital Director straddles this divide, working to achieve both goals at exactly the same time.

As a Hospital Director, you spend most of the day looking at reports from the accounting department. You look at how many hours your staff spends on the job, how many bills have been paid by patients, and how long people wait in the waiting room. Based on these reports, you then determine if you can hire more people, come up with ideas to help patients pay their bills on time, and hold training courses to teach staff how to shorten long wait times.

The Hospital Director also attends hospital board meetings to talk about the hospital’s budget. In these meetings, you may ask for new equipment, and talk about how this equipment will help your staff. You may also discuss training classes that you’re teaching.

Sometimes, you take calls from frustrated patients. In a hospital, emotions can run high, so you spend time listening to patients’ concerns and looking into their problems. You may also talk to the press from time to time about notorious cases in your hospital, and about how wonderfully your staff is dealing with a particular challenge.

On top of all that, you spend time walking around the hospital, making sure the staff is wearing the appropriate safety gear, checking on the cleanliness of the floors and walls, and talking to maintenance staff about problems you find. You may distribute cookies and candies as bribes so your staff will look forward to your visits instead of running away when you arrive.

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