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Hospice Nurse



Care for terminally ill patients in a hospital, nursing home, or at home.

What does a Hospice Nurse do?

Hospice Nurses have one of the most emotionally difficult but rewarding jobs on the planet. Their patients are terminally ill. Doctors have little hope that there’s anything they can do to further treat their condition, and the patients aren’t expected to live much longer. But, Hospice Nurses provide care in the patient’s final days that give them comfort and relief from pain.

As a Hospice Nurse, you might work in a clinic, at a center, or in the patient’s home. Regardless of where your patient is, you bring your medical knowledge, empathy, and broad shoulders to work. Your day-to-day activities include common nursing duties such as administering medications, evaluating the patient’s decline, educating family members about care practices, and offering a comforting hand.

There are actually a variety of titles that you could hold as a Hospice Nurse. You could be a Visit Nurse, spending time at the patient’s side. As a Triage Nurse, you make an initial assessment of the patient’s symptoms over the phone, and work to make a plan for the appropriate treatment. Or, you might be a Case Manager, coordinating all aspects of the patient’s care.

Whatever title you aim for, your willingness to care for patients at the end of their lives gives their families peace of mind and the patients less painful and more comfortable final days.

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