Hosiery Mender

Mend defects in hosiery, panty hose, or leotards.

What does a Hosiery Mender do?

Mends defects in hosiery, panty hose, or leotards, such as holes, runs, and pulled threads, using one or combination of following methods: Sews holes with needle and thread. Stretches portion of hose containing hole or run over mending cup and secures one end of broken thread, using needle and thread. Reknits dropped stitch or run, using latch needle. Bastes across other end of broken thread. Clips loose threads from hose with scissors. Stretches hose over mending cup and moves powered-mending device across hose to return picked or pulled thread to position. Pulls hose on inspection form or over mending cup to locate defects. May smooth and fix mend, using electric iron. May be designated Greige Mender when repairing undyed hose or Finish Mender if repairing dyed hose.