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Hose Maker

Assemble rubberized fabric, rubber tubing, and gum rubber ply stocks.

What does a Hose Maker do?

Assembles rubberized fabric, rubber tubing, and gum rubber ply stocks to fabricate industrial hose: Lifts mandrel, using hoist, and locks end of mandrel in motorized chuck, using wrench. Swabs rubber tubing and ply stocks with solvent and rubber cement to clean them and provide adhesive surfaces. Aligns strips and sheets of ply stock with rubber tubing as specified. Depresses pedal to rotate mandrel and guides ply stock onto rubber tubing to form hose. Rolls assembled hose to ensure adherence of plies, using mechanical or hand roller and stitcher. Smooths wrinkles and presses loose plies together, using fingers and roller. Cements brand on assembled hose prior to curing. Measures dimensions of hose with rule, calipers, and gauges, and cuts off excess rubber with knife. Wraps fabric around hose to prepare hose for curing. Clamps or cements metal fittings to ends of hose, using rubber cement and handtools. May load and unload hose in autoclave heater, using hoist. May move cured hose to storage area, using hoist.