Horticulture Superintendent

Plan and direct activities of breeding, growing and displaying plants.

What does a Horticulture Superintendent do?

Plans, coordinates, and directs activities concerned with breeding, growing, and displaying ornamental flowers, shrubs, and other plants in botanical garden, arboretum, park, or similar facility: Confers with administrative, technical, and maintenance staff members to plan activities for maintenance of growing stock and production of plants for display on grounds, installation in special exhibits, sale to public, or use in research projects. Discusses plans for renovation or additions to facility with administrative personnel and devises designs for floral exhibits to complement theme of new or renovated sections. Prepares scale drawings of outdoor or greenhouse exhibits for use of gardening staff members. Issues instructions to supervisory personnel in charge of plant growing, greenhouse, and display activities. Inspects greenhouse, hothouses, potting sheds, experimental growing areas, and other areas to determine need for repair and to observe activities of workers. Maintains inventory of propagation and growing equipment and supplies, and orders additional materials as needed. Arranges purchase, sale, or exchange of plants with representatives of similar institutions. Confers with research personnel to discuss development of new strains of plants and to devise methods to exhibit, publicize, or market new products. Represents establishment at civic or professional meetings. Participates in radio or television shows or prepares articles for newspapers to provide horticultural information to public.