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Horticultural Worker I

Plant, cultivate and harvest horticultural specialties.

What does a Horticultural Worker I do?

Plants, cultivates, and harvests horticultural specialties, such as flowers and shrubs, and performs related duties in environmentally controlled structure, applying knowledge of environmental systems: Ascertains growing schedules and deviations from established procedures from grower or manager. Sows seed and plants cuttings. Looks at and feels leaf texture, bloom development, and soil condition to determine nutrient and moisture requirements and to detect and identify germ and pest infestations. Sets fertilizer timing and metering devices that control frequency and amount of nutrients to be introduced into irrigation system. Applies herbicides, fungicides, and pesticides to destroy undesirable growth and pests, using spray wand connected to solution tank. Reads and interprets sensing indicators and regulates humidity, ventilation, and carbon dioxide systems to control environmental conditions. Grafts scions to seedling stock. Pollinates, prunes, transplants, and pinches plants, and culls flowers, branches, fruit, and plants to ensure development of marketable products. Harvests, packs, and stores crop, using techniques appropriate for individual horticultural specialty. May maintain and repair hydroponic and environmental control systems. May mix planting soil, following prescribed procedures. May record information, such as chemicals used, grafting performed, and environmental conditions, to maintain required records. May maintain and repair structures, using materials, such as corrugated fiberglass panels, lath, glass panes, and putty, and tools, such as hammer, saw, and putty knife. May be designated according to work location as Greenhouse Worker; according to techniques employed as Hydroponics Worker; or according to horticultural specialty as Orchid Worker.