Horticultural Consultant

Give plant advice to gardeners, landscapers, and more.

What does a Horticultural Consultant do?

Do you find yourself drawn to the nursery department every time you set foot inside a Home Depot? Do you randomly mouth off the scientific names of plants that the rest of us refer to as carnations or daisies? If you have a passion for all things plants, then a job as a Horticultural Consultant is for you.

The field of horticulture covers much more than the knowledge of flowers. Horticultural Consultants also work with plants, herbs, shrubs, trees, fruits, vegetables, soils, and fertilizers. As a Horticultural Consultant, you can specialize in one area, or cover areas as varied as the plants in your garden. Either way, your job is to educate, inform, and assist Farmers, Commercial Growers, Landscapers, and Nursery Owners on projects.

You might give advice on a specific type of grass for a golf course, recommend low-maintenance plants for the city park, or counsel the government about plans for a public garden. You also propose plans to Farmers about crop choices, soil usage, and fertilizer options. Your goals are to beautify, to successfully propagate, and to attain higher yields, while meeting a business’s financial goals through it all.

That’s right. Not only are you knowledgeable about which plants will thrive in a certain area, how much water and light they require, and what type of soil they need, but you also understand the technical, business side of things. This mix of horticultural knowledge and business acumen allows you to create presentations for the local zoo, design colorful displays for an entire estate, or embellish the gardens of an amusement park.