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Horseradish Maker

Tend machines and equipment to wash, grind, mix and bottle horseradishes.

What does a Horseradish Maker do?

Tends machines and equipment to wash, grind, mix, and bottle horseradish: Starts machine to wash horseradish roots. Dumps washed roots on floor. Holds root against rotating wire brush to remove skin and blemishes. Places container under discharge outlet of grinder, starts machine manually, and feeds roots into grinder hopper. Turns valve to fill mixing machine with vinegar to specified level. Dumps ground horseradish into mixer and starts machine. Tilts mixer, or ladles out mixed horseradish into containers. Loads horseradish into hopper of filling machine, and starts machine. Holds jars under filling spout that deposits measured amount of horseradish in jar. Manually caps and labels jars. May dump horseradish roots into washing machine.