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Horse Trainer



Get horses in perfect shape for shows.

What does a Horse Trainer do?

A Horse Trainer teaches horses specific behaviors as requested by the owner. If your love for horses and all things horse-related leads you to a career as a Horse Trainer, you’ll turn your passion into a paying job, and love every minute of your day!

As a Horse Trainer, you work with horses daily, and are responsible for teaching them certain behaviors and actions. Typically, you train them for shows, making sure they’re ready for presentation. For example, if a horse owner wants his horse to compete in reining, you teach Seabiscuit a variety of rein commands (left means left, up means stop, etc.).

Teaching these commands can be painstakingly slow at times (especially with a stubborn horse), but once Seabiscuit catches on, you’ll feel as proud as a first-time parent watching his baby take her first steps.

General animal care and feeding typically fall under your umbrella as well, as you’re expected to provide guidance on all aspects of the horse’s training regimen. Working closely with Veterinarians and the horse owner, you also monitor its health and make recommendations on health care. The job is rewarding at best (when Seabiscuit wins) and frustrating at worst (when Seabiscuit won’t listen or respond), but either way, it’s perfect for horse lovers. As your reputation grows, your income will too, providing additional motivation to make Seabiscuit the winner that you know he can be.

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