Horse Show Judge

Rank and rate horses and riders in various events.

What does a Horse Show Judge do?

A Horse Show Judge officiates horse competitions, ensuring that all rules and regulations are followed. As a Horse Show Judge, you have vast knowledge of proper riding form, and you have the authority to evaluate and decide the winners and losers of the highly competitive field of horse riding and tricks.

Equestrian sporting events are large and occur all over the nation and the world. Therefore, you’re unlikely to be the only Horse Show Judge making decisions. Officials like yourself and your coworkers have several responsibilities at a competition: keeping track of event or race times, catching and resolving infractions or claims of cheating, and inspecting equipment and players before and after the competition. It’s your responsibility to rank and rate each participant, the quality of their riding, and the behavior and stature of the riders’ horses.

Beyond your love of horses and riding, you need certain other qualities. For example, your eyesight has to be good because details at a distance can mean the difference between a winner and a runner-up. Often, you need to defend your decision, so be prepared to express yourself to a crowd or other Judges. The rules and regulations change often, so you must keep up to date on all the intricacies of riding and horses.

Most importantly, this job requires an appreciation for the equestrian sport and an ability to judge, without bias, the skills of countless riders around the country.