Horse Rancher

Breed, raise, and care for horses.

What does a Horse Rancher do?

Do you love horses? Have experience handling them? As a Horse Rancher, you are in charge of all aspects of running a horse ranch. A job as a Horse Rancher requires dedication, passion, and hard work, but the rewards are worth it when you see that colt take its first steps, or sell a mare to an enamored family.

If you already have some property, you might start a horse ranch in your own backyard. If not, you could buy property suitable for the cause, or lease land from another owner and put your horses on it. Whatever the ownership situation, your job as a Horse Rancher is to care for the horses and the property that supports them.

Typically, the goal of a horse ranch is to reproduce horses and sell the offspring to racing or recreational riding enthusiasts. This starts with a few horses of your own, which you breed together. Or, you might rent a stallion to breed with your stock. Either way, you will need your patience, because a pregnant female takes 11 months before delivering the foal!

During that time, and before, you monitor the health of the horses, administering medicine as necessary and consulting with Veterinarians as needed. In addition, you ensure the animals receive the proper amount and type of food and water. On a large horse ranch, this means growing your own hay. You also perform regular maintenance on barns, stalls, watering systems, and fences. Of course, you do all this while maintaining a budget and probably holding down a day job.