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Horse Buyer



Select and purchase horses for clients.

What does a Horse Buyer do?

Horses live a long time, and it’s very common for them to change hands at least once during their lifetime. Often, the family horse is sold to a neighbor or advertised on Craigslist. But when there is serious buying to be done-and by this, we mean quality racehorses, working ranch horses, and prime breeding horses-a Horse Buyer is hired for the job.

Owners hire Horse Buyers because they know about horses, the market, and the process. Horses can be a major investment, and if an owner chooses one that doesn’t perform as expected, then they’re out of a lot of money. As a Horse Buyer, however, you know the ins and outs of the business. You’re able to choose the qualities that make a strong racehorse, and know the bloodlines of a particular breed.

You might specialize in one breed or handle a variety. Regardless of what breed you specialize in, though, you generally buy at auctions or through established contacts in the business. Building and maintaining relationships with reputable sellers is an excellent investment in the future of your business, because it’s often hard to know who to trust.

You thoroughly research bloodlines and perform physical inspections on each horse you plan to buy. Once you’ve chosen the right horse or horses, you make an offer or attend the auction, always paying special attention to your predetermined budget. Then after the purchase is made, you complete paperwork and arrange to deliver the horse to its new owner.

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