Horse Auctioneer

Describe million-dollar horses and call out bids at equestrian auctions.

What does a Horse Auctioneer do?

Horses are big business. Like works of art, they’re bought and sold at auctions, sometimes for dizzying sums of money. A Horse Auctioneer plays a pivotal role in those transactions. As a Horse Auctioneer, you run the show, which means you possess a unique skill set that combines an acute knowledge of horses, an entertaining personality, and expertise in the horse trading market.

We’ve seen them – Auctioneers rattling off prices like their tongues are in a blender. Sure, you’re perfectly capable of that. But there’s so much more to the job of a Horse Auctioneer than fast talking, or, for that matter, scanning the crowd for the finger lift that represents a bid.

In order to be an effective Salesperson, you need to know tons about what you’re selling (that is, horses). You know what makes a great racehorse, and you understand bloodlines and equine registries. When you’re up there with the microphone in your hand, you’re not only selling the horse, but also its lineage. This is how you find that person who will pay top dollar for a strong breeding horse.

In addition to your knowledge about horses and your knack for amusing a crowd, you also understand the ins and outs of the horse market. Just like other commodities such as oil or stocks, horses have a value. And because you’ve watched the market and seen the sales, sellers turn to you for help with setting and getting a premium price.