Horizontal Boring Mill Operator

Monitor and program side-to-side drilling machines.

What does a Horizontal Boring Mill Operator do?

As a Horizontal Boring Mill Operator, you set up and operate horizontal milling machines using manual and computer numerical control (CNC) techniques. CNC is the use of computers to control machines in a precise manner to produce one part of a larger product.

A horizontal boring mill is a tool or machine that drills holes horizontally (think side to side rather than up to down). To be a good Horizontal Boring Mill Operator, you must be thoroughly skilled in reading blueprints, sketches, manuals, drawings, and specifications that define the size and shape of the finished product.

As a Horizontal Boring Mill Operator, you’re responsible for monitoring the machine to pinpoint the appropriate speed, depth, and angle of the cut, as well as other factors that affect the quality of the finished product. Identifying how each of these factors work together also makes it possible for you to perform maintenance and repairs on the machine.

For example, you know that the material is going through the machine too fast, but adjusting the speed doesn’t work. You’re responsible for identifying the cause of the problem, and repairing it, if possible, or arranging for its repair.

Computer skills, strategic planning, and critical thinking are necessary for this position, as you are also responsible for identifying ways to increase the machine’s productivity and general workflow.