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Hook Tender

Supervise workers in yarding or loading logs in the cable yarding systems.

What does a Hook Tender do?

Supervises and coordinates activities of workers engaged in yarding and loading logs in high lead, slack line, or similar cable yarding system: Determines location of blocks, guy lines, spar, and yarding and loading equipment, according to location and size of landing and type of terrain. Inspects rigging for defects and unsafe conditions, and oversees repair or replacement. Directs rigging crew in setting side and tail blocks, rigging spars, notching anchor stumps, raising guy lines, and installing running tackle. Observes yarding system in operation, and directs relocation of rigging to relieve equipment strain or to extend range of system. Informs RIGGING SLINGER of log removal sequence, capacity of yarding system and equipment, and related factors. Coordinates dismantling and moving of equipment to new site. Trains workers in safety regulations and activities, such as splicing cable, maintaining equipment, and rigging and operating yarding systems. May supervise crew of tractor yarding workers. Performs duties as described under SUPERVISOR Master Title.