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Hood Maker

Fabricate and assemble sheet metal hoods used to protect the awnings.

What does a Hood Maker do?

Fabricates and assembles sheet metal hoods used to protect awnings, using handtools and portable power tools: Selects specified steel sheet from stock. Lays out and marks hood parts on steel sheet, indicating lines for bending, cutting, and drilling according to drawings, sketches, or verbal instructions, using scale, rule, scribe, and punch. Cuts metal pieces to size, using hand or bench shears. Bends metal into specified shapes, using manually operated brake machine or hammers metal to shape, using wooden mallet. Drills holes into metal, using electric hand drill, or punches holes, using hammer and punch. Hammers edges of metal parts to form seams, using mallet. Screws, bolts, or rivets hood together and attaches supports, using handtools. May install hood on building. May fabricate awning frames [AWNING-FRAME MAKER].