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Honing Job Setter

Set up honing machines for the Production Honing Machine Operators.

What does a Honing Job Setter do?

Sets up horizontal or vertical honing machines for HONING-MACHINE OPERATORS, PRODUCTION engaged in production honing of metal objects: Reads blueprint to select tooling and plans sequence of operations. Selects and secures tool in spindle, using wrenches. Positions workpiece in fixture or on machine table, securing it with clamps and wrenches, and verifies positions with instruments, such as surface gauges and dial indicators. Selects feed rate, honing tool rotation speed, and depth of cut, according to knowledge of metal properties and abrasives. Moves controls to position tool in relation to workpiece and to set feed rate and spindle speed. Positions and tightens stops, using wrench, to control length of honing tool stroke. Starts machine and turns handwheels to feed tool to workpiece. Measures first-run workpiece for conformance to specifications, using micrometers and fixed gauges. May instruct new workers in machine operation.