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Home-Service Director

Plan and direct consumer education services to promote goodwill and sales.

What does a Home-Service Director do?

Plans, coordinates, and directs consumer education service or research program for equipment, food, or utility company to promote goodwill and sale of products or services: Studies and interprets data concerning consumer habits and preferences obtained from surveys, letters, and other customer contacts to aid company in product development. Plans and organizes program to educate consumers in use of equipment, product, or service. Develops and plans methods of instruction and techniques of demonstrating principles of home economics, such as food preparation and equipment use, to community and school groups. Directs and coordinates testing of recipes and development of new uses for equipment or product. Instructs dealers, sales personnel, and other employees in home management practices and in operation and care of equipment. Contacts organizations, such as school, professional, and women’s groups, to promote company product and services. Writes articles and plans preparation of instruction manuals, booklets on product uses, and other consumer publications. Advises on content and accuracy of sales promotional material, such as newspaper, radio, and television advertising copy.