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Home School Tester

Administer standardized tests to assess home-schooled students' progress.

What does a Home School Tester do?

Many students all across the country are homeschooled. Although there’s substantial leeway for parents to decide how and what they want their children to learn, some oversight is needed to ensure that the homeschooled student is learning certain subjects at an acceptable pace. In order to keep tabs on the success of homeschooled children, required tests are given by neutral third parties called “Home School Testers.”

As a Home School Tester, you may have a background as a Teacher or a Psychologist. Perhaps you homeschooled your own children. Or maybe your experience comes from being a Test Prep Tutor or working in a similar position. Wherever you learned your test-giving skills, your job is to remain unbiased.

Of course, you want all children to pass the tests with flying colors, but even more importantly, you want the test to reflect their true level of knowledge. So, you give the same test to student after student, offer the same words of encouragement, allow them the same amount of time to complete the exam, and grade them fairly.

Unlike most professionals in education, Home School Testers are busiest during summers. That’s because students are required to pass periodic tests (commonly following third, fifth, eighth, and 10th grade), and submit the results to the county or state before a predetermined date (typically sometime in August). Since parents need a qualified Home School Tester to administer the exams, your summer docket is full.