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Home inspector



Check residences for any defects or potential problems.

What does a Home inspector do?

If you have a good knowledge of building, especially if you’ve worked in construction, and like the idea of helping home buyers to verify that their prospective new home has no problems, working as a home inspector could be for you. Working in this career, it’s your responsibility to check new and previously existing homes for potential problems.

Home inspectors are usually hired by the home buyer, and are frequently self-employed, though they can also work for a home inspection company. As a home inspector, it’s your job to look at the structure itself, including things like wiring, plumbing, and roofing, then report back to the buyer about the home’s condition. Things like mold, termite damage, leaky pipes, or a leaking roof are examples of problems an inspector might find. You also look for building code violations and are responsible for reporting any that you may find.

Generally, there are no specific degree requirements for this role, though this could vary depending on whether you work for a company or for yourself. Experience in building or construction is extremely helpful. Additionally, some companies require working with current inspectors to gain experience.

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