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Home Health Aide



Assist seniors or disabled people with tasks of daily living.

Salary Range

$20,640 - $26,600

Source: U.S. Department of Labor

What does a Home Health Aide do?

Home Health Aides are in charge of caring for elderly or disabled people on a daily basis, often in the comfort of the patient’s home. As a Home Health Aide, you help the patient move around, bathe, dress, and fix nutritious meals. Each patient has different needs, and meeting those needs brings them one step closer to better health and greater independence.

Your day-to-day responsibilities as a Home Health Aide include all the routine tasks a typical person goes about throughout their day. Eating breakfast, taking a shower, and brushing their hair are all basic tasks that don’t come as easily to sick or disabled people. You help them get around their home without falling, and guide them in completing these tasks.

Certain patients have special requirements that you oversee. Different prescription medications, exercise routines, and diets are created for each patient under your care. One person might be on a strict, low-sodium diet while another might need to exercise daily to build up strength in their legs. You help each person out, whether it’s ensuring they don’t fall or cooking diet-specific foods.

In addition to your daily care tasks, you also accompany patients to their Doctor ’s appointments, and keep records of their progress. It’s important to take vital signs, like blood pressure, throughout the day and to report any problems. During the day, you chat, read, and really get to know your patients. The bonds you have with each person truly touch lives.

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