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Home Economist

Conduct research programs utilizing the principles of home economics.

What does a Home Economist do?

A Home Economist is a Management Analyst who helps businesses run more efficiently and effectively. Except that those businesses are homes and families.

As a Scientist who studies everyday living, you typically have one of several functions. If you’re a Sociologist, for instance, you conduct academic research on home and family dynamics for universities and government agencies. If you’re a Teacher, you teach homemaking skills to young people at a school or nonprofit, or to parents and consumers out in the community.

If you’re a Product Developer, you help design new products for the home. And if you’re a Marketing Analyst, you help companies develop advertisements, programs, and promotions that help them sell those household products.

No matter what your official job title is, what qualifies you as a Home Economist is your expertise in all things “home management.” That includes food, nutrition, and health, as well as textiles and clothing. It also includes shelter and housing, as well as childhood development and family relations. In addition, it includes personal finance, with an emphasis on household budgeting and spending.

Basically, you’re like a Personal Trainer for American families: It’s your job to make them as fit as possible by exercising their homemaking muscles!