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Home Care Aide



Provide in-home help to elderly or disabled people.

What does a Home Care Aide do?

Nothing beats the comfort of your own home. But for the elderly or disabled, living at home sometimes requires support. A home care aide helps clients with everyday activities in their own homes.

As a home care aide, you help clients get in and out of bed, bathe, and groom. You also help with some household chores like cooking and laundry. While you aren’t authorized to administer medications, you might remind those you care for to take their pills or drive them to doctor’s appointments. Nurses, social workers, or managers let you know what each client’s needs are.

You won’t make much money, but you will make a big difference in your clients’ lives. Beyond the physical tasks, most of your work is providing emotional support. For lonely and ailing clients, just having someone to care for them or listen to them can mean so much. When you see the same client every day for weeks, months, or years, you become as close as a family member. You’ll probably hear countless stories about their grandkids, get to know the exact texture they prefer their morning oatmeal, and come to know what they want just by their facial expressions.

Not all of your clients become your best friends; you need to remain pleasant and kind, even if a client is uncooperative, cranky, or depressed. But you most likely move around to different clients, getting to work with a diverse range of personalities, conditions, and houses.

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