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Hollow Handle Knife Assembler

Cement knife blades into hollow handles.

What does a Hollow Handle Knife Assembler do?

Cements knife blades into hollow handles by performing any combination of following tasks: Weighs, measures, and mixes specified amounts of powder and water together in automatic beater for specified time. Pours cement into drum of centrifugal loading machine, inserts knife handles in perimeter of drum and activates machine to fill handles. Places filled handle in tray. Inserts tang of blade into cement-filled handle and twists blade to align blade with handle. Places assembled knife between spring-loaded holders on vertical endless chain conveyor leading to drying oven or water-curing machine. Removes finished pieces from conveyor and examines them for alignment and excess cement. Twists blade to realign it with handle, and places rejects in tray. Places accepted knives in rack for air drying. Cleans cement from knife, using brush and metal pick. May pour cement into pneumatic cylinder, connect compressed airhose, place knife handle under cylinder spout, and fill handle by depressing pedal to release cement from cylinder.