Hollow Handle Bench Worker

Assemble knife or halloware handles using the on spot welding machines.

What does a Hollow Handle Bench Worker do?

Performs any combination of following tasks involved in assembling knife handles and handles for hollowware, such as creamers and sugar bowls: Holds halves of handles against electrodes on spot-welding machine to tack-weld them together. Places handles on rack hooks and dips them in tank of flux. Places knife handle halves in assembly press to fit halves together onto metal holding frame preparatory to soldering. Inserts premeasured amount of solder in hollow handle. Loads handles on screen conveyor that carries them through furnace. Positions soldered handles in fixture of milling machine or belt grinder to face mouth of handles. Positions handle in fixture and depresses pedal that submerges handles into water tank and forces compressed air into fixture. Observes handles to detect air bubbles indicating faulty soldering. Brushes flux on inside of handles and sprinkles them with powdered solder, using reed scoop.