Holistic Nurse

Care for patients by taking into account their whole person.

What does a Holistic Nurse do?

Holistic nursing is more than a job; it’s an attitude. Holistic Nurses use their medical knowledge as well as their intuition to develop treatment plans that focus on the patient as a whole. Instead of handing out pain pills for migraines, a Holistic Nurse encourages stress-reduction techniques, a healthy diet, and proper exercise. The theory states that treating the mind, body, and spirit as a whole will heal single ailments.

As a Holistic Nurse, you still suggest medications or surgical procedures when necessary. You work closely with the patient’s Doctor to find the best course of treatment, just as a regular Registered Nurse does. The difference within the holistic nursing specialty is the additional treatment you offer patients. From yoga and acupuncture to nutritional supplements and dance therapy, you want to heal the patient from the inside out.

To help others, you must be in touch with your own body’s needs. By participating in the same relaxation techniques you suggest for your patients, you learn to relax and develop a better understanding of which method will best help each patient. Creative people may enjoy art therapy, while a businesswoman undergoing stress may need stress management classes.

In the end, you want all your treatments, including holistic and traditional medicine, to come together to form a healthier, happier patient. A painkiller can treat a headache, but show your patients how to avoid the headaches in the first place and they can skip the medicine altogether.