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Hogshead Cooper III

Assemble precut staves and metal bands to form the hogshead shells.

What does a Hogshead Cooper III do?

Assembles precut staves and metal bands to form hogshead shells: Places staves in cradle of circular frame until lower portion of hogshead is formed. Inserts liner ring to support staves and places staves over ring to complete hogshead shell. Pulls lever to tighten frame bands around staves and hammers stave ends even. Braces open ends of hogshead shell with wooden boards and positions metal hoops around both ends of shell. Tightens hoop, using hoop puller, and nails hoops to staves. Releases levers, removes braces, and rolls shell to succeeding station. Works as member of team to assemble hogshead shells. May assemble and nail together precut boards or nail shaped parts to shell to form bottom of hogshead [NAILER, HAND]. May fasten wire hoops around hogshead to secure staves [HOGSHEAD HOOPER].